Spotlight on BBC News


Spotlight on BBC News

With the recent surge in reported knife crime among young people, Spotlight staff members have been called upon to discuss positive activities for young people, and the role of youth clubs in shaping a future without violent crime.

Below you can hear Helal Ahmed, Youth Service Manager, and Taku Munonyara, Youth Work Technician at Spotlight discussing some of the projects Spotlight is involved in. Topics range from the Steel Warriors calisthenics gym made from confiscated knives, to drill music, and the role that music projects can play in promoting positive engagement from young people.

At Spotlight, we see young people doing and creating incredible things every day, so we already know the importance of the work we do, but if you need some persuading, take a listen below!

Tune in to BBC Asian Network at 4:15 for a few minutes to hear Helal Ahmed discussing our service, and the role of the community in moving young people away from gang-related activity:

Tune into BBC 5 Live at 0:42 to hear Helal Ahmed again speaking about the importance of sports and creative activities for young people, and tune it at 1:43 to hear Taku Munonyara discussing some of the work he and the rest of the music team at Spotlight do to challenge negative behaviors and lyrics from young people.

Watch this space for more of Spotlight in the news!