Youth Theatre Masterclass February Half Term


Youth Theatre Masterclass February Half Term

How do you make good art? How can an idea in your head turn into a performance onstage? How can you bring an empty stage to life?

This half term we, in collaboration with S+K Theatre, present a series of Theatre Masterclasses –  perfect for anyone who loves theatre, wants to improve their talent and push their boundaries.

Session 1: Directing and The Stage: Weds 20th 1:00-2:40pm 

What makes theatre, theatre? What is performance art? Does it even make sense? A session which explores performance and pushes its boundaries. Create a performance tasks using just everyday materials and yourself; watch as you become a work of art.

Session 2: Writing and Performance: Weds 20th 15:10-16:40pm

Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody lives their own fantasy. But how to share this with others and make it into art? This session will explore different writing styles and delivery used by professionals. Learn how to express yourself effectively, and understand how take this from the page to the stage.

 The Voice: Thursday 21st 1:00-2:40pm

The voice is one of the actor’s greatest tools. Tone, pitch and projection are all essential if you want to stand out on stage. We will explore vocal exercises and experiment with delivery to apply gravity to the text. Step up and feel your power.

Youth Theatre Masterclass

Youth Theatre performance Summer 2018

Session 4: Performance and Play: Thursday 21st 3:10-4:40pm

Take a turn in the Director’s chair. We all know good direction can elevate any performance, but what does “the Director” really do? Learn different styles, techniques and types of staging and how they influence the perspective of a performance. Make sure your idea fulfils its potential.

Session 5: Move Your Body: Friday 22nd 1:00-2:00pm

Imagine trying to act without using your body! You can communicate a thousand feelings just by using the right body language. Learn how to use your greatest asset and express yourself, using yourself.

Session 6: The Future of the Company Friday 22nd 15:10-16:40pm

In our last afternoon session we make plans for the future of the Company!

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